The writing cave

Poking my head out for a minute…

Is the Harry Potter movie still out? I lost track of it after mum stood me up in Vegas to play the penny slots instead of going on a movie date with her dear daughter.

“Bah!” I could hear her saying. “You can watch Harry Potter anywhere.”

Back to the cave. I’m supposed to start fast drafting a novella today and I need to ship the D&P manuscript to Little Sis along with some form of bribe. Nothing edible. The last bribe was a disaster when the squeezable bottle of condensed milk busted open in the box. Don’t ask. Little Sis likes condensed milk — just not all over manuscript pages when she’s critiquing them. Maybe that’s why she panned everything from Chapter 12 on…

I think I’ll go see Harry Potter this weekend if I can get this novella drafted. 🙂

First Anniversary

“I need to get you a card when we’re at Target,” my husband says.

“You’re going to buy me an anniversary card while I’m there at the store with you? After telling me about it?”

“Well, I have to get you something paper and that’s that.”

Oh, my hubby. So romantic.

I roll my eyes. “Well I was going to get you Star Trek tickets. That’s made of paper.”

“That’s a great idea! I’ll buy your ticket and you’ll buy my ticket. And we’ll exchange.” He grins. Everything is solved, all is right with the world.

I remark about how unspontaneous this is. We can’t plan out what we’re going to give each other like this! But hubby insists that we’re just being practical, which is good.

“Well, let me tell you right now. I want something romantic for our second anniversary,” I say with a scowl.

Hubby laughs, apparently quite pleased with how everything has worked out.

He did actually order us a cake that tastes just like our wedding cake — a vanilla chiffon cake with fresh strawberries and cream filling. He didn’t believe in eating a year old wedding cake, but he did want to observe the tradition in some way. That’s my husband for you. Unassumingly romantic and annoyingly practical all at once.

We did exchange tickets inside the theater after paying individually and enjoyed our movie date night very much.