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I am available for workshops and events online and in-person (once pandemic travel restrictions are lifted). Please contact me via the Contact page to inquire about availability and rates.

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Bria Quinlan and I also present monthly workshops on a variety of writing topics. You can sign up for our mailing list to receive updates.

Current Schedule of Online Workshops

March 6: Hooks & Anchors
The opening of your book (and scenes) can make or break the reader experience… and your sales. Make that experience a homerun every time.

April 10: Theme: Writing a “Bigger” Story
What makes a good story great? Bestselling author Jeannie Lin discusses using theme to enhance your story for deeper impact

May 8: Finding Your Writer’s Voice
Join bestselling authors Jeannie Lin & Bria Quinlan for a 2-hour journey into Voice: What it is, how to define it, and what to do with yours

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Past Workshop Handouts

Theme: Enhancing and Deepening Your Story

Download handout
Presented: NECRWA 2019 (Burlington,MA)

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: Worlbuilding Without Magic and Monsters

Download handout
Presented: NECRWA 2019 (Burlington,MA)

Finding Your Voice and Making It Heard

Presented RWA 2015 (New York)
With: Bria Quinlan

The Review Game: The Shy Girl’s Guide to Getting Noticed

Download handout
Presented: RWA 2013 (Atlanta)
With: Shawntelle Madison

Worldbuilding: Using Culture and Setting to Enhance Your Story

Download handout
Presented: Missouri Writer’s Guild (St. Louis), RWA 2013 (Atlanta)
With: Shawntelle Madison