The Book of My Heart

I was reading a lovely inspirational post about “The Book of My Heart” by Beth Revis and I was thinking how my “book of my heart” was thrust upon me circumstantially. Sometimes the book chooses the writer.

No, it doesn’t. *snerk* That’s just the sort of fortune cookie crap that I put in my “book of my heart”.

Our first books are often the book of our hearts and, if you’re like me, you wrote it and rewrote it over the course of several years, stumbling and learning along the way. Continue reading


First, I must apologize for being so late posting the winners. I didn’t realize my ability to multi-task would be seriously impacted this year and between my online workshop, my workshop in San Diego, and my BFF’s wedding, I fell behind on blog duties.

Round 1 Launch Celebration Winners

Thank you for spreading the word about The Dragon and the Pearl on Facebook, blogs and Twitter! The winners were randomly chosen by

THE LADY’S SCANDALOUS NIGHT: digital download goes to:


The international version of RED CLIFF goes to:


The hardcover copy of FURY OF THE PHOENIX goes to:



AND the newsletter winner for an autographed copy of THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL is:

Michelle Wilson


Congratulations and thank you everyone! I have moved the deadline for Round 2 of the Launch Celebration to Oct. 15 as I haven’t had any time to promote the celebration. So for an opportunity for the GRAND PRIZES (Two book set of Stephanie Dray’s LILY OF THE NILE and SONG OF THE NILE or a wooden customized dragon chop or an annotated copy of THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL) , spread the word about THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL which is in bookstores for the month of October.