The Title of Next Top Historical Model Goes To

….you decide!

For those of you who couldn’t make RWA conference, the Dress For Historical Success workshop was, well, as success. We had a full room despite going up at 8:30am on the last day of conference.

Here’s my best shot:


The judges say:

Nigel Barker: “I love the pose. You evoked the sense of confidence and grace of the Tang Dynasty, but I’m not in love with the face.”

Miss Jay: “Girl, you are closing your eyes again. Get some sleep or something and bring it.”

Jeannie: “But I was up late last night at the Harlequin party. There was a DJ and pink drinks with orchids in them–”

Miss Jay: *rolls eyes* “Excuses, excuses…”

Tyra: “The women of the Tang Dynasty were FIERCE. I see a pretty picture here, but I’m not seeing fierce.”

The guest judge always gets to announce the winner. While the other judges are deliberating, check out the photos and write-up on Gretchen Jones’ blog on the Dress for Historical Success workshop.

Who will be America’s Next Top Historical Model this year? You decide!

The rest of my film:


costume_group_photoGroup photo:Elisabeth Burke (Native American), Jeannie Lin (Tang Dynasty China), Jade Lee (Qin Dynasty China), Isobel Carr (Georgian England), Pam Nowak (Victorian America), Julia Justiss (Regency England), Peg Herring (Elizabethan England – female), Coralie Hughes Jensen (Elizabethan England – male), Judy Ridgley (Ancient Rome). Linda Joyce (American Prarie) is not shown.