Day 1…

…and where writing is like a 12-step program.

I met my goal and sort of feel like the leader of a 12-step group. I’m instigating daily writing chat sessions on Romance Divas as well as a couple of encouragement threads and more and more people want to jump onto the bandwagon.

That’s all good. Now I feel like I can’t let them down and I have to keep my end up as well as do some cheerleading and whip-wielding. Something I learned from teaching — good lesson plans and browbeating will only get you so far. The rest is peer pressure. Now I’m sure to have the bulk of this draft done in two weeks.

Gone is the day of the lonely typist in the night. Would Poe and Salinger laugh at us? Aren’t we such together-together monkeys? 🙂

Excerpt Monday: His or hers?

I’m joining in with my fellow Romance Divas for a fun exercise.  A group of divas are posting their excerpts for general review and reading enjoyment. Some of these are works in progress and some are upcoming releases.

For my Excerpt Monday, I have a poll. I recently changed the opening of Butterfly Swords and I’m wondering which opening works better, his or hers? Please vote on your favorite. Any comments are welcome!




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Read more Monday Excerpts:

Warning! I have not screened these excerpts myself. Please bear in mind that some authors have provided a rating for their excerpts which may contain language or content that is not typical of this blog.

Cami’s First Kiss by Bria Quinlan

Excerpt Monday by Mel B (silentdreamer)

A Halloween Novella by Vivienne Westlake

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Monday Excerpt by Crista McHugh

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Monday Excerpt by Kinsey Holly

Del Fantasma by Becca Sheridan-Furrow

The Chancellor’s Bride by Kirsten Saell (Excerpt rating: PG, Site Rating: NC-17)

Scenting Cinnamon by Ella Drake (Rating: NC-17)

Asking for It by Kate Willoughby (Rating: PG-13)

21st Century Courtesan by Eden Bradley (Rating: Adult)

Excerpt Monday by Evie Byrne (Excerpt rating: PG,  Site Rating: NC-17)

A Run for the Money by Gina Ardito

The Scroll Thief by R.F. Long

Resisting Kane by Stephanie Adkins

Inheritance by Lynne Chandler

Dying Embers by B.E. Sanderson

More than Magic by Babette James

First in the Soulguard series by Amber Gilchrist