An Illicit Temptation: The Wild, Wild…East

I’m blogging over at the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood about the connection between Westerns and Asian film as well as some of my favorite old school western romances and how they influenced An Illicit Temptation which releases September 1.

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Capturing the Silken Thief Release Day

Capturing the Silken Thief – a novella set in the infamous entertainment district of Changan – releases today!

Tang Dynasty China, 823 A.D.

Musician Jia needs a valuable book of poems by a famous courtesan to buy her freedom…and she believes Luo Cheng has taken it. Her attempt to steal the book from him fails, but the tall and powerful scholar unexpectedly offers to help her quest! But when they finally find the book—and the arousing poems and artwork inside—Jia’s longing for freedom is replaced with a new kind of desire for Cheng….

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