The writing cave

Poking my head out for a minute…

Is the Harry Potter movie still out? I lost track of it after mum stood me up in Vegas to play the penny slots instead of going on a movie date with her dear daughter.

“Bah!” I could hear her saying. “You can watch Harry Potter anywhere.”

Back to the cave. I’m supposed to start fast drafting a novella today and I need to ship the D&P manuscript to Little Sis along with some form of bribe. Nothing edible. The last bribe was a disaster when the squeezable bottle of condensed milk busted open in the box. Don’t ask. Little Sis likes condensed milk — just not all over manuscript pages when she’s critiquing them. Maybe that’s why she panned everything from Chapter 12 on…

I think I’ll go see Harry Potter this weekend if I can get this novella drafted. 🙂

Must get back to work!

I’ve been lazy since the honeymoon and the excitement of pairing up with an agent. Instead of revising, I’ve been spending my “writing” time beta-reading and critiquing. I’ve got two full manuscripts to do by this weekend!

But that’s just my excuse. I really need to get to revising “Silk and Seduction” by Nationals. Some good news is it finaled in the Romance Through The Ages contest. That means that “Silk” has finaled every time I’ve flung it into the contest arena.

It’s quite different from the other two. The characters are a bit more complex. I think I’ll learn a lot from the revision process this time.

So here we go…page 1.