It is done!

Happy Easter!softbunny

After a whirlwind week of polishing, Butterfly Swords is going out to the world. I have one snail mail version to send out (it’s amazing to see how many pages a full manuscript really is!) and the electronic ones have already been sent out.

Pray that the Red Line of Death doesn’t rear it’s ugly head. 🙂

For the rest of today, I hope to pack for my upcoming vacation, rest and think of nothing but soft bunnies.

Silk and Shadows wins in Gateway to the Best contest

First place in the Historical Romance category.

My first contest final and win ever! And, as icing on the cake, I received a request for the full from the editor judging the historical category. I’m quite surprised and giddy.

At the moment I entered, I had only written 25 pages of this manuscript and decided to enter it for feedback because of MORWA’s special contest deal which allowed a second entry for half price. I’m encouraged that the story received such a nice response its first time out.