Mystery Box Moving Giveaway

Hubby and I bought a new house!

Which means it’s time to clean up.

Which means, what am I going to do with all this swag?


Since I’m in R&D mode for our new business venture (, I have gift boxes on the brain.

Idea: What if I sent out gift boxes with books and swag?

Sign-up with the link down below. The mystery boxes are free except for shipping and handling. 🙂

The Sword Dancer & BEA first timers report

The Sword Dancer is now available in digital and print. Huzzah!

Buy now:  Amazon | B&N | Harlequin   | Kobo |  BookDepository | Powell’s

Also available in UK: Amazon UK | BookDepository UK | Mills & Boon

I do hope people will be lured in by the gorgeous cover and buy in droves. That they will be unable to keep themselves away from the promise of romance and adventure and non-stop action. That they will stay up reading it late into the night, wanting anxiously to find out what happens.

Yes, those are writer dreams. I have them.

Report from BEA as a first timer

Going to New York for BEA was a big treat for me. I wrote up a report as well as my thoughts on whether it is worthwhile for authors over at the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog: My First Time at BookExpo America

One thing that I did not put on the report was probably my best moment in New York. I was waiting in the Trump Soho hotel to meet up with an editor and there was a lounge called “The Library.” I browsed through the gorgeous books there and then sat with my coffee to read on my iPad.

the_libraryEvery time I looked up, I surrounded by the beauty of books and book culture. I was reminded of a scene in The Lotus Palace when Yue-ying, the maidservant, looks upon the hero’s study. She notes how his writing desk and chair are like a throne and his books are cherished. He’s surrounded himself with these things because world of the poetry and the Classics and studying for the imperial exams was his religion. That was what I felt when surrounded by the publishing world in New York – the worship of books. For a lifelong book lover like me, this was certainly a pilgrimage.

More pictures over at the Ruby blog as well as at my Facebook page: BEA 2013 Album