Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes Research

I’ve just returned from the Kansas City Romantic Time Convention and am getting reorganized. I’ll be posting some notes from our True Colors: Writing Diversity panel as well as pictures from the lovely events.


In the meantime, the annual Brenda Novak charity auction for diabetes research has begun. You can bid on a wonderful array of fabulous items that are writer, reader or just everyone oriented.

I have two items up for bid. Bidding is open now and ends May 31.

LINK: 50 page critique + follow-up meeting at RWA over drinks/coffee

LINK: Customized Cookies


I was so proud of my printed cookies that I made for Barbara Vey’s Reader Luncheon that I offered up a dozen for the auction. You can have any image printed on there: your book cover, your favorite hunk, or a cute photo of your cat. Sure, you can get these from a professional baker, but will they be made with the same Jeannie Lin love and mojo?


Last Day for Brenda Novak Auction

Happy Memorial Day to US visitors!

As the Brenda Novak auction nears a close, I wanted to put in a plug for the HUGE gift basket that the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood has posted. For the last two months, the Ruby Sisters have been sending goodies from all over to me and I think it’s an absolute steal.

Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood Giftbasket of Goodies

What do you get?

– A partial critique from 3 Golden Heart ’09 finalists including moi – Cynthia Justlin (Suspense), Amanda Brice (YA), Jeannie Lin (Historical)

– Books from published sisters – Liz Talley, Addison Fox, Vivi Andrews, Kelly Fitzpatrick

– Snacks and goodies from all over the country. Pecan cake, hot sauce, Goo goo clusters, Moon Pies, chocolates, and more…

– Craft books at least worth $80 by themselves

– And more…much, much more!

I am sorely tempted to bid myself and keep all these goodies gathered in my living room, but that wouldn’t be fair at all. Come take a look. It’s for a good cause.