Last Day for Brenda Novak Auction

Happy Memorial Day to US visitors!

As the Brenda Novak auction nears a close, I wanted to put in a plug for the HUGE gift basket that the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood has posted. For the last two months, the Ruby Sisters have been sending goodies from all over to me and I think it’s an absolute steal.

Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood Giftbasket of Goodies

What do you get?

– A partial critique from 3 Golden Heart ’09 finalists including moi – Cynthia Justlin (Suspense), Amanda Brice (YA), Jeannie Lin (Historical)

– Books from published sisters – Liz Talley, Addison Fox, Vivi Andrews, Kelly Fitzpatrick

– Snacks and goodies from all over the country. Pecan cake, hot sauce, Goo goo clusters, Moon Pies, chocolates, and more…

– Craft books at least worth $80 by themselves

– And more…much, much more!

I am sorely tempted to bid myself and keep all these goodies gathered in my living room, but that wouldn’t be fair at all. Come take a look. It’s for a good cause.