Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes Research

I’ve just returned from the Kansas City Romantic Time Convention and am getting reorganized. I’ll be posting some notes from our True Colors: Writing Diversity panel as well as pictures from the lovely events.


In the meantime, the annual Brenda Novak charity auction for diabetes research has begun. You can bid on a wonderful array of fabulous items that are writer, reader or just everyone oriented.

I have two items up for bid. Bidding is open now and ends May 31.

LINK: 50 page critique + follow-up meeting at RWA over drinks/coffee

LINK: Customized Cookies


I was so proud of my printed cookies that I made for Barbara Vey’s Reader Luncheon that I offered up a dozen for the auction. You can have any image printed on there: your book cover, your favorite hunk, or a cute photo of your cat. Sure, you can get these from a professional baker, but will they be made with the same Jeannie Lin love and mojo?