Charity Auction at Ciar Cullen's blog

Romancing a Cause Auction!

Help friends from Romance Divas support a romance writer who is struggling. She and her husband have lost their home, both lost their jobs, and we don’t want them to lose hope. Be a Diva and have a ball with these awesome books. A new auction every day! Please, only serious bidders. Bidding opens for each day at 12:01 am, EST. Thanks!

Each day features a different auction so come back everyday to bid! I’m featured on Monday, April 6th in the Rose group:

The Rose Group–April 6 (bidding closes 10pm EST).

  • 30 page critique from Golden Heart ® finalists: by Amanda Brice, Cynthia Justlin & Jeannie Lin
  • Ebooks: One Wild Weekend & Click: by T. Sue Veerstag
  • Ebook: Snowbound by M.G. Braden

Romancing a Cause Auction at Ciar Cullen’s Collapsing Universe