Mystery Box Moving Giveaway

Hubby and I are moving to a new place, quieter neighborhood, larger house that the twinsies can grow up in. Good things!

Clearing out the basement has dug up a lot of swag I’ve accumulated through the years as well as boxes of books. So here’s a fun giveaway to help me clean up before moving day.


What you get in the Mystery Box

1. Two books. One for certain will be mine and will be autographed by me. The other may be mine, my alter ego Liliana Lee’s, or another book I’ve picked up at conference

2. A souvenir mini-book of “The Warlord and the Nightingale”, an original short story set in the Gunpowder Chronicles world.

3. A bunch of other swag and cool stuff that I’ve collected and can’t bear to throw away. What you get is a mystery, but I promise it’ll be cool.

Some Highlights: (Not every box will have all these items below. It’s a grab bag. Like the ones we used to buy for a dollar from the ice cream truck.)

– Butterfly Swords artwork with commissioned artwork. These are gorgeous!

– DVD of Wu Xia – detective/martial arts movie starring Donnie Yen and Hottie McHottie Takeshi Kaneshiro.

-Handmade original Asian steampunk hollow books. I made these for Barbara Vey’s reader luncheon and have one large and one small left. A lot of love and labor and geekiness went into these.

– Cool steampunk charms and dragon earcuffs

– Random Asian candies and snacks

– Starbucks $10 gift cards. Just have these lying around — meant to put them in promos, but just forgot

– Sandalwood folding fans from my wedding.

– And so much more….

How it works

The gift box is FREE. The cost is shipping & handling only.

1. Click on button below to Buy Now via Paypal and pay only for shipping. US=$7.00. Canada=$11.00. No other international. Sorry. The cost is just too high!

2. I will fill a mailing box with books and swag and ship to you.

3. Ends July 18th, 2015. Because then I have to go to RWA. And then move.

4. Please share this info with friends you think will be interested. I have a LOT of pretty swag and I hate throwing things away.

****NOTE from JEANNIE****
Response to the giveaway has been fantastic! As a result, sign-ups are closed as I assess the remaining level of supplies. Thank you all so much for your interest.

The first wave of gift boxes should be headed out this week.