Good news week

3581145_blogIt’s nice to have one of these once in a while.

This week one of my dear writing buddies, Bria Quinlan, landed a dream agent. Her book, Secret Girlfriend, brought me back to my teenage years and made me laugh and cry like a schoolgirl.

Blog penpals Lisa and Laura Roecker announced their first sale of The Haunting of Pemberly Brown to Sourcebooks. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time because I knew it was going to happen!

Edited to add: And more good news! Fellow Ruby Sister, Tamara Hogan, sold her debut novel Underbelly as part of a three book series to Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks. Underbelly is set to be released in 2011! There’s still time left for more good tidings. 🙂

I received approval for my first conference speaking opportunity on Monday and I received an offer for my historical short from Harlequin Undone on Tuesday! It’s a love story that’s mentioned briefly in Butterfly Swords and forms the basis for Ai Li’s honorable yet feisty character.

If you’ve browsed by on Excerpt Monday, you may remember that I posted the opening in first draft: Warrior Bride excerpt

The details are still being hammered out, but right now I’m glowing that this little story will see the light of day and that I have a second sale.

Good energy is in the air. Can you feel it?

Now what?

2482580_blogSo I’m in that weird limbo where I’ve finished a project and haven’t picked up a new one yet. The first draft of my novella, Warrior Bride, is done and shipped off to be ripped to shreds by critique partners. The betas of The Dragon and the Pearl have come back and I’m getting those edits in.

I’m going to be a big girl and send both of those to my agent this weekend. I don’t know why I’m so scared. Actually, I know exactly why I’m scared. It’s like when mum used to always tell me to do better on the next report card. Then one day I brought home straight A’s and mum was happy — but I knew I wasn’t going to get to drop an A ever again.

I’m sure it’s not that dramatic. Mum/Gail will still love me if I bring home a B, right? 🙂

Well, so I have two choices right now as I wait for revisions. I can drag out the dusty first manuscript I ever wrote, Intrigue of the Dragon Court, of which very little of the old manuscript gets to remain. Including the title. Even that has to go. The thought of editing that scares the bejeebies out of me.

Second choice: I can fast draft something totally unrelated. Now here’s where my writing weird comes out to bite me. Nothing is calling out of the ether. I’m always afraid the next idea won’t come. I hear other writers lament about how they have all these ideas tugging at them and here I am, no plot bunnies anywhere. Here bunny, bunny…