One more week…

Blog tour: I’ll be speaking and presenting a masters class at the Missouri Writer’s Guild conference next year. The MWG is featuring an interview today on their MWG “Just Write” conference blog. Also an interview is up at My Reading Room.

Warrior Women month: Stop by Wednesday for an interview with swordswoman Linda Heenan.


Readers have been tweeting and e-mailing to tell me that pre-orders of Butterfly Swords are shipping from Amazon and Book Depository. I even got a nice pic from my CP Kristi.

I also had a geek-out moment when Luci Romberg sent me a pic:

Geek out moments aside, Butterfly Swords will hit the bookshelves in one more week! I’ll also be doing my first signing at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Bellevue, Washington on October 2nd quickly followed by a local signing in O’Fallon, Missouri at Rose’s Bookhouse on October 9.