Library Journal Best Romances of 2011

I just saw this today and I’m bouncing up and down (figuratively speaking only — it’s hard to bounce while on bedrest). Library Journal listed The Dragon and the Pearl as one of the Best Romances of 2010.

Among the titles is the book that I think is truly the Best Romance of 2011 – The Black Hawk — as well as some unbelievably phenomenal authors. I am but an egg…*swoons*

Library Journal Best Romances of 2010


LJ gives The Dragon and the Pearl a starred review

And check out the lovely cover at the top of the article. Happiness!

“VERDICT: Beautifully written, deliciously sensual, and rich with Tang Dynasty historical and political detail, this exquisitely crafted, danger-filled, and intriguing story redeems the ruthless villain from Lin’s Butterfly Swords (a remarkable feat in itself), pairs him with a smart, resourceful heroine, and lets them play cat and mouse for much of the book before joining forces for a well-deserved romantic ending. Exceptional.”

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