All your wildest dreams…

There are a lot of scary posts in publishing now about the markets shrinking and people behaving badly and what will the future bring. But does anyone say, go for it because your wildest dreams will come true?

My wild dream was to have a published book on the shelf. Now I have two! Frosting.

The wildest thing I would have never dreamed is that my idol Jade Lee would give me a hug after I won the Golden Heart or that Joanna Bourne, my inspiration, would ask for an autograph on her copy of Butterfly Swords. (Anyone who’s ever attended any of my workshops, in person or online, has pretty much heard me crow about Joanna’s books.)

Today Joanna has graciously interviewed me on her blog about THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL. You can’t see me right now, but there’s a lot of grinning and bouncing around.

Frosting I tell you. The very best kind with real vanilla beans and sparkle dust. Come on by and watch me try to maintain my cool: Interview on Joanna Bourne’s blog.