The little things

Okay, I just had to get my publishing pep-talk post off the leading line. It’s more depressing than I like to be.

Little things that cheered me up this week:

1. Hubby spent a couple hours writing a Java app that calculates at the press of a button how many days we’ve been married. 404 days today. I love geeks.

2. Triple layered ice-cream bombe/torte dessert that hubby made. I love geeks who can cook.

3. I own a pair of candy-red killer heels. I bought them for the conference to show unity with the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. *secret handshake ensues* I love looking at them since they’re so not me. I love being “not” me once in a while.

I can’t complain. Life is good.

California Dreaming

hollywoodIn California today and going to drive down to San Diego for cousin Kimmy’s wedding. Still floating on air on the wings of my agent announcement.

Jet lag and sleeplessness seem like they are just going to stick with me for a while. Whenever, I’m back in California I seem to burn the candle from both ends; waking up insanely early because my body is used to Central time, then staying up too late because I’m out with friends or what not.

Already my Los Angeles schedule is filling up:

  • Kimmy’s wedding – Lots of family time
  • Tea and sit down with Little Sis to go over my critiques for her manuscript
  • Dinner/Lunch with mum
  • Take pictures of Hollywood and Kodak Theatre (for Amanda)
  • And then there’s  a bunch friends I want to see!  Divas are in town, I haven’t seen my chemistry counterpart in forever, and my BFF has a play that’s opening this week. It’s so hard to squeeze everything into one week. I always feel like I’m neglecting someone.

This is all while juggling my real life IT job. I’ll be working from the hotel and driving to the OC for a team meeting one of the days.

On the other hand, the timing is so perfect. I so want to see everyone and give them the biggest hug in the world! I don’t know who or what to thank — I just want to thank everyone. The emotions are overwhelming. Life is full and life is good.

I keep thinking of the last line of “Pursuit of Happyness”:

“This part of my life, this one little part, is called ‘happiness’.”