Thank you so much

Thank you to all the friends, family members & fans who have encouraged and supported me.

Thank you to all the people on the interwebs who have put up banners and covers and started talking about Butterfly Swords long before it was available

To all the book bloggers who interviewed and blogged

To all the Tweeters who helped get the word out

To crazy friends who’ve talked up the book in bookstores to absolute strangers

To the bookmark and postcard posse who have taken postcards as far as Hawaii and Australia!

To reviewers who read the book and took the time to write up a review

To all the readers who recommended Butterfly Swords for book clubs and book chats.

Basically to everyone online and on the ground who’s taken the time to tell someone, just one other someone about Butterfly Swords, I wholeheartedly thank you. This Launch Celebration has exceeded all my wildest expectations. I feel like Butterfly Swords and The Taming of Mei Lin are surrounded by goodwill and generosity.

All that’s left to do is pass out gifts, right? I’ll draw the three grand prize winners tonight and post the names tomorrow morning. I’m almost done annotating the book, the twin swords are resting in my office, and the color poster looks fabulous.

In the meantime, virtual cake for everyone!

The “official” Butterfly Swords charm

Okay. So I don’t have an official release date yet. I don’t have a cover or even final confirmation that the book is going to be released by my title of “Butterfly Swords”, but I do have an official souvenir charm.

I designed it myself and they just sent me a picture of the model. I was so giddy to see it that I have to unveil it here even though I’m really months and months away from any marketing push. I’m planning to use these as part of my release celebration/promotion activities.

So here’s a peek:


Aren’t they fabulous? Tee hee…tee hee hee…