Birthday Bash + Critique Giveaway!


It seems that everyone throws some sort of special giveaway on their blog for their birthday, so I tried to think what would be something nice that I would also enjoy.

The Golden Heart deadline for signing up was yesterday and the due date for sending in the entry is December 2nd. Everyone knows I get kind of sentimental around Golden Heart season, so how about a five page critique?

I’m a bit of a first five pages nut. Don’t ask me how to write page 6-300, because that’s still a mystery to me.

So if you leave a comment here with your premise in 1-2 sentences and you’ll be entered in the drawing. I’ll draw randomly Friday night. The premise is just to let me know you’re interested in the critique rather than just here to wish me a big old Happy Birthday. (Yes, I am an attention ho on my birthday.) You don’t have to be entered in the Golden Heart, but if you are, just let me know and I’ll send a little Ruby-slipper heel clicking your way for good mojo.

I’ll announce the winner Friday. The winner needs to send their five pages to me by Saturday, 11/20. I’ll return it by Monday–plenty of time to tweak for that Golden Heart entry!