"Lost Gods" Release by Kim Knox

If you’re looking for tight and edgy romance, Kim Knox does not disappoint!

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Frozen for decades on an abandoned asteroid, Katya Ortaega thaws and collapses at the feet of the most deliciously sinful man she has ever seen… she thinks.

Katya’s problem is her memory—she hasn’t got one. Her mind is blank. And now she’s stuck on a drilling platform with James Kinsare, a man who has her skin tingling and sometimes not in a good way. James is not who he appears to be and she can’t trust him … even as she finds him far too attractive.

All too soon, her past rears in the form of a man intent on killing both of them and now they have to work together to stay alive. However, Katya’s memories begin to resurface. And James Kinsare, the man who’s kept her alive against all the odds, the man who’s thawing her frozen heart, might prove to be the biggest threat of all.

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  1. Kim Knox (aka) Kim Rees
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 11:57:55

    Thanks for posting this, Jeannie 😀