World Teacher Day

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In a surprise request, SOS Aloha interviewed me for World Teacher Day. I was very humbled and had to tell Kim that I was no longer a teacher, but she insisted that once a teacher, always a teacher. That’s true in part, but I can’t claim to be a teacher now that I’m no longer in the trenches. At the same time, she’d read in my bio that I started writing while teaching high school and she wanted to feature teachers who wrote romance in today’s blog.

I re-read the interview and saw that the other interviewee quoted Carl Jung whereas I provided two quotes from a guy named Joshua Hartford. I thought for a moment that I should have quoted someone like Paulo Freire or Gandhi. I mean, I had a decent collection of inspirational quotes about teaching from my master’s program way back when.

But I think I have to stick by Joshua Hartford. He played a influential role in teaching me how to teach. Don’t you get WTD double bonus points for teaching a teacher? And though I realize those two quotes might make no sense out of context, they’re the words of advice that stuck with me.

In short: “Get it done. And it’s going to hurt doing it, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track.”

I’d have to say, after teaching in South Central and having the experience of starting a charter school, this writing gig sometimes seems like cake. Rejections are merely paper cuts, revisions par for the course. A rejection can’t hurt worse than a student failing a course after you’ve worked so hard to help them. And how many times did I revise every lesson I taught?

Joshua Hartford is now the principal of Animo Pat Brown in Los Angeles. It’s a school started by some of the finest people I’ve ever known on this earth and earned a California Distinguished School Award only four years after inception.

Happy World Teacher Day APB teachers. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Hartford is that bloke sitting in the lower right hand corner.

Say hello and thank you to one of your past teachers in honor of World Teacher Day.