Tough Love for Writers

Lately I’ve heard a lot of self-doubt coming from the writerspace. Doubts and fears about finishing a book, about making it good enough. A lot of people are trying their hand at writing or at least coming out of the woodwork, which is great. I think writing makes you a more reflective person, whether or not you publish. And it’s never a bad thing to have more thinking people.

Usually I try to assure them to write forward, get through the first book, gain that confidence of writing “The End”, the rest will come with revisions, have faith, etc.

Maybe I’m softballing it, because the advice that works for me is actually quite different than what I’ve been peddling. It comes in two different forms, one from my mother and one from Nora.

I heard Nora Roberts speak at RWA National conference in Dallas and her advice was simple: “You have to want it.”

My mom’s words of sympathy are even better. “I guess you’re not creative enough.”

Mum is actually extremely motivating and supportive, but it doesn’t translate to the page at all. 🙂

Will I lose my nice gal reputation if I tell other people what works so well for me? It takes a lot less breath to say, “Well, do you want to be a writer or not?”