The wedding is nigh!

Napa was a wonderful weekend of food and wine and little cookies and glasses of port in the parlor. (I am a bed & breakfast convert!)

But immediately after, the wedding train hit. Natalie is in the kitchen baking up a storm and rolling fondant. Her hubby has been folding wedding favors. And me? Lazy butt, I’ve been so swamped with work that all I can do is offer the occasional sisterly shoulder and snack run. Mostly I poke at her to bug her because I’m so tickled that Little Sis is going to be married.

I did buy her a box of clinical strength Lady Speed Stick. That’s my contribution. It’s really hot here and there are two weddings to attend that day. Got to be prepared.

Mums arrives today and the busload of relatives (not being figurative here) get here tomorrow. Mum wrote a poem in Vietnamese that I’ll need to read at the wedding. (There, I outed myself. I’m only part Chinese.) And I’ve been appointed as MC during the wedding reception as well as spokesperson during the tea ceremony. How I became the front-man for this gig, I do not know.

Things are going to get crazy. If you’ve ever been to an Asian wedding, there’s a gazillion relatives and food everywhere and an entire roast pig to coordinate. Then, being Asian American, you take a deep breath, hopefully a nap if you have the time, and do a whole nother wedding that same day.

I think we should all carbo load on Saturday.

P.S. It is a bad idea to hang around while the cake maker is working. I’ve been nibbling on scraps of wedding cake all week.  Must fit into bridesmaid’s dress, but…yummm….

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  1. Lisa
    Sep 24, 2009 @ 09:39:50

    We have a wedding this weekend too! Enjoy the festivities!

  2. Dara
    Sep 24, 2009 @ 22:43:41

    Sounds overwhelming but fun! It also reminds me a bit of an Asian version of “Big Fat Greek Wedding”–at least when you mention the lots of relatives and crazy amount of food!

  3. Jeannie
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 00:22:58

    Lisa, what are the chances! Well, pretty good I suppose. It’s a nice time of year. Enjoy!

    Dara – I think all weddings in any culture are just big fat crazy spectacles, in a good way. All the bridesmaids have arrived. The best man flies in tomorrow. The countdown has started!