Holy heartbreak, is that July coming at me?

Close up: Me frozen like a deer in the headlights.

Is it really the first of July tomorrow?

Cue: Hysterical scream.

I don’t freak out often, believe it or not. But July means that there’s only a couple of weeks left until RWA conference. I’ve been building up to this for so long. I’m going to room with friends I haven’t seen in a year. I’m totally excited to meet a bunch of online writerly acquaintances that I’ve made recently. I’m thinking over elevator pitches and picking outfits.

I expect to be on a natural high the entire week of July 15-18 in D.C. with all the networking parties, workshops and award ceremonies. Butterfly Swords is up for four awards including the Golden Heart®. The Dragon and the Pearl (aka Silk and Seduction) is up for an award as well. *eek* I need to prepare a speech for the GH® in case I get called up because I don’t want to look like a total goof up there. (I never could wing it in 3rd grade with the book reports. I know I’m not going to be able to wing it now so I’m preparing a speech.)

Underneath it all, I know the build up is going to lead to the adrenaline crash of the century once it’s all over. Already dreading that. 🙁 All the while, “real life” continues.

Camera pans wide:
Big, daunting “real life” monsters closing in. Let’s have them dressed as the Wild Things from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Fade to black.