Inspiration for the day

Hubby must have been in a particularly warm and fuzzy mood this morning:

Hubby: How’s the book going? *rubs my back affectionately as I stare at the computer*
Jeannie: I’m 50,000 words in and it’s crappy.
Hubby: Well, don’t hesitate to start over from the beginning.
Jeannie: *casts evil eye*

This is the same guy who tells our ten month old twins that, “It’s going to hurt like that every time until you learn how to control that head” when they knock their baby noggins against something.

So I’m taking a bit of inspiration from two kick-butt ladies today.

First, Nora Roberts, who when asked what she does if a story doesn’t work out answered, “That never happens. I make it work.”

And Shannon Butcher. At a panel for our local chapter, someone asked her what she does when characters get unruly and don’t behave as she wants them to. As someone who doesn’t believe in characters who talk to me, I loved her answer: “My characters are my bitches.”

There you go. Picking up my big wobbly head from the desk and setting off to make it work, no matter what.

Hubby's reaction

Still in California. Had a wonderful day yesterday having lunch with a friend at El Indios (the proclaimed birthplace of the taquito) and then exploring Old Town San Diego. Many pictures to come once I can find the cable to get these pictures off my phone.

I was reflecting on how many people have asked what hubby’s reaction has been to my recent Golden Heart® and agent news. I wonder why that is? I guess we’re romance people and we always want to know how people balance writing with life and love and everything else.

I try not to let writing take over our conversations. We both have full time jobs to discuss and kibitz about. I don’t talk to him about my plot or writing issues, etc. But I do update him on how the hunt is going and gush a little with him for every contest final or full request. And with each update, I have to explain to him what Romance Divas are, what RWA is, what’s a critique group, etc.

So yesterday I was searching a bookstore for Silver Phoenix and hubby came over with me to the Romance section.

“So explain to me, how do you know which publishing house these are from?” Hubby is a programmer, a techie at heart. He likes to probe and question and break things down.

I showed him the listings on the book spines: Pocket Books, NAL, Avon.

“Which house do you want?” he asked.

I laughed. “Anyone who will take me.”

I showed him a Julia Quinn book and he asked me what her husband did. I explained that he was a research Ph.D. in infectious diseases and that she made more than he did. He protested that once I made it big, he wouldn’t be motivated like that. He’d quit his job and spend his days planning meals for us. Keep in mind that hubby is actually super-driven with his job; a total Type A, alpha male. He does, however, love to cook.

“Nora Roberts’ husband is supposedly extremely good as a handy man. He helps her run a bed and breakfast.”

He grinned. “Now that’s more like it.”