Hubby's reaction

Still in California. Had a wonderful day yesterday having lunch with a friend at El Indios (the proclaimed birthplace of the taquito) and then exploring Old Town San Diego. Many pictures to come once I can find the cable to get these pictures off my phone.

I was reflecting on how many people have asked what hubby’s reaction has been to my recent Golden Heart® and agent news. I wonder why that is? I guess we’re romance people and we always want to know how people balance writing with life and love and everything else.

I try not to let writing take over our conversations. We both have full time jobs to discuss and kibitz about. I don’t talk to him about my plot or writing issues, etc. But I do update him on how the hunt is going and gush a little with him for every contest final or full request. And with each update, I have to explain to him what Romance Divas are, what RWA is, what’s a critique group, etc.

So yesterday I was searching a bookstore for Silver Phoenix and hubby came over with me to the Romance section.

“So explain to me, how do you know which publishing house these are from?” Hubby is a programmer, a techie at heart. He likes to probe and question and break things down.

I showed him the listings on the book spines: Pocket Books, NAL, Avon.

“Which house do you want?” he asked.

I laughed. “Anyone who will take me.”

I showed him a Julia Quinn book and he asked me what her husband did. I explained that he was a research Ph.D. in infectious diseases and that she made more than he did. He protested that once I made it big, he wouldn’t be motivated like that. He’d quit his job and spend his days planning meals for us. Keep in mind that hubby is actually super-driven with his job; a total Type A, alpha male. He does, however, love to cook.

“Nora Roberts’ husband is supposedly extremely good as a handy man. He helps her run a bed and breakfast.”

He grinned. “Now that’s more like it.”