Good News: More books!

Publishing is a wild frontier right now, with vague maps drawn by wayward explorers complete with warnings of “Here There Be Monsters” at the dark edges. No one knows what will get picked up, sell like hotcakes, or go viral. You can’t be in this space as an author and not wonder, what should I do?

The thing you keep hearing from veterans is that it’s about good books. Write good books. That is the only truth and the only thing you can control. But not all good books get discovered. Plenty of good books languish without ever getting into the hands of dear readers. You can try and hope, but it’s a wild, wild West out there and there are a lot of gamblers at the table.

I’m not making too much sense, am I? A bit dramatic with the metaphors? That happens when I get overly sentimental. 🙂 Continue reading