California, Here I Come

658252_blogJuly/August has really been putting me through the wringer. The Real Life job has been ramping up and I’ve been resorting to junk food to get through my day. I need someone to wag their finger at me and tell me that nachos are not a delicious, nutritious meal to be had twice a week. 🙁

The same thing needs to be said about cookies.

Things are about to become more hectic as I have to start hopping on planes again. California in two weeks  to meet with some “minions”. Mwahahaha…. And then Mid-September, another trip to California for my sister’s wedding festivities. Ugh, and then Boston in November. For Little Sis’ second wedding — spoiled brat. 🙂

I’ve planned a sleepover in Napa at the Napa Inn – voted the most romantic inn in California – for me and Little Sis. I’m supposed to be handling the bridal shower activities and providing her some R & R before the big event, which means I need to be the calm one. Calm blue ocean….Calm blue ocean.

I’m looking forward to Napa. For some reason, I think nachos will be a little harder to come by. Maybe seeing sunshine and having fresh produce nearby will help me detox finally.