Happy News: More books!

dragon_pearl_smallHarlequin offered a two book contract for more Harlequin Historicals and two short stories for Harlequin Historical Undone.

Of the books, The Dragon and The Pearl is next in line for release after Butterfly Swords. The title may be changed though I’ve become so attached to it! The story is near and dear to my heart….well, they all are after so much work goes into them….but this one in particular because I had such a strong bond with both of these characters before I even started writing.

Not to mention the good omens that came with it! The title was suggested by author Elizabeth Grayson during a living room pitch session before Nationals and it shaped the rest of the story. This manuscript was also the very first time I received a request from an editor off of pages. A much needed ray of light.

But I digress. For now, I’m dancing around and singing: More books! More books! More books!