Golden Heart Call Stories

golden_heartThe Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood is posting call stories for the Golden Heart and RITAs today. About this time last year I was a basketcase. The versions I had submitted after the Golden Heart contest were starting to final, but I didn’t know if I had made the critical changes in time for the GH. Plus I was finding that 4 out of 5 judges tended to score Butterfly Swords well, while one judge would hate it. Exactly the odds I needed for the GH!

All this sounds a lot more well thought out than it actually was inside my head.

Well, one of my crazy things I did was Google all things Golden Heart related. If anyone’s as crazy as I was and you need your fix, head on over to the Ruby Sisters and hear about the calls from past GH and RITA finalists.

My GH call story is actually pretty boring, but it was the thing that started it all: