Slow Draft

<Cute image here>  <– I tried to look through my stock images to post something, but then I realized I lost all that when my computer crashed.

Okay, so maybe I was tempting fate by planning to Fast Draft during the closing weeks of the MORWA Gateway Contest, between my sister’s second wedding and first, and while the day job does a little loop de loop rollercoaster style. (I’ve never written that before…how does one write that loopy thing?)

So instead of Fast Drafting, I seem to be Slow Drafting. I’m trying to take the computer crash in stride, but maybe I am in mourning a little. I still write everyday because it’s sort of a mantra for me. If I don’t write everyday, I don’t get to whine about writing woes. 🙂

There’s only one ray of light in this whole ordeal of rewriting Book #1. Yesterday I encountered an old bit of writing. I managed to glance over it before I deleted the whole darn block so I could pretend it never existed. You learn a lot in three years! Dialogue tags, balance of narrative and just plain old subtlety. No wonder this book never went anywhere. 

I’ve decided that after this chapter, the old book is gone. There were some scenes I wanted to resurrect so I’d open the old manuscript for reference. Even copy small parts, but maybe that’s what’s slowing me down. Maybe I should burn it in effigy? Hmmm…somehow that idea appeals. That’ll have hubby calling the funny farm.

I suppose that’s how magical rituals start. We make up all this voo doo in our heads to try to shape things that seem impossible — like being able to write more pages a day.


  1. Erin Spock
    Nov 29, 2009 @ 17:39:57

    This was a helpful comment. I will totally thank my judges, even if they tell me I’m total crap (but in a more pc way).

    I’m enjoying reading through your blog. I found you on the RWA site as the Golden Heart historical romance winner from last year. It’s exciting to see you have a publishing deal.

    Okay, back to editing. 🙂

  2. Erin Spock
    Nov 29, 2009 @ 17:40:46

    I love this imagery!

  3. Jeannie Lin
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 08:05:40

    Welcome Erin! Thanks for coming by.