Auction for a group critique – Romancing a Cause

Today the Rose Group auction is up at Ciar Cullen’s blog. We’re raising money to help out a friend in need. You can bid on a group critique from three Golden Heart® finalists: Amanda Brice (YA), Cynthia Justlin (Romantic Suspense), and Jeannie Lin (Historical Romance). Also in this package is two e-books by T. Sue Versteeg and Snowbound, by M.B. Braden.

I’ve read both Amanda’s and Cynthia’s writing and they are both fabulous authors with very different voices and styles. That’s the beauty of this group critique. You get the benefit of three different perspectives.

UPDATED: This auction is over. A generous bidder opted for the Buy It Now price and is now the proud owner of 3 fabulous e-books and a 30 page group critique. Thank you for bidding and I’m looking forward to reading your pages.