Working for the Weekend

Blog tour: Today I’m featured at the Harlequin blog, discussing the Attractiveness of Ancient China as a Setting. Harlequin!! Guest blog at Romance Junkies yesterday about the brainstorming crew behind The Taming of Mei Lin.

Warrior Women month: Next Tuesday, I’ll be featuring an interview from Linda Heenan, a swordswoman with experience in both Eastern and Western sword forms. I want to grow up to be her–if my coordination were any better.


This weekend is going to be a fun-filled one. I have a potluck reception tonight where I’ll be seeing Jade Lee. I have her new book, Wicked Surrender, and wonder is it gauche to ask for an autograph over penne pasta and gooey butter cake?

I’ll be making a baked squash casserole from a Paula Dean recipe. The butter makes it better…

Then I’ll be heading off on a road trip to Tennessee for a “Keeping Them Hooked” workshop Saturday morning. I think I’m less nervous now that this is the third go. By third period, my lesson was usually going very well. If anyone happens to be near Bartlett, TN, you might want to check out the local RCRW chapter there. Guests are welcome!