There must be a bee in my bonnet…

Cause I’m hearing all this buzz

Please excuse the poor joke. Tee hee.

One of the things I said in my workshop with Stephanie Dray on “How to Promote Like a Big Name Author” is that you know there’s buzz when people start picking up your banner and they start coming to you. So I’m jumping up and down this morning because Romance Trading Cards received a huge shout out in the L.A. Times article on the Romantic Times Book Convention: first in the picture and then with a great quote from Joanna Bourne.

Bodice-Rippers Unite

And I’ll miss all the fun at the Saturday booksigning *sniff* because I’ve whisked myself back to St. Louis for another conference and booksigning. *brightens up* I’ll be speaking today (Saturday) on Selling the Hard Sell and then I’ll be signing Butterfly Swords from 4:30-6:00pm. Tomorrow I’ve got a Master’s Class on Keeping them Hooked.

Missouri Writers Guild conference at the Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel in St. Louis.

I think I have a few of those famous Romance Trading Cards left to hand out too…What? Did you think I was above gloating?