Baby, It’s Cold Outside


I’m wearing my polar bear flannel PJs and I may still be wearing these come lunchtime. We had a good blanketing of snow here and I haven’t left the house for five days.  I’m still a bit of a California gal in that every time I walk by a window and see the snow, I’m surprised and delighted all over again. Like a cat with its short term memory.

Critique group was canceled this week, not that I could have made it. I’m still trying to nurse myself back to health. Schools are closed. The pace of everything slows down for a bit. Sure, life continues as usual, but there is a bit of a hibernation in the winter. My brother in law had commented about it once. He came from New England and was used to the down period that the winter gave him whereas in California, the sunshine makes you feel like you have to run around all year.

I’m going to California next week for another quick trip. I know the conventional response is ‘thank goodness I’m going to warmer climes’, but really I just want to hunker down, snuggle up, and get a good chunk of revising done.