Technical tolerance

There must be a word for this. Not quite IQ…something about being able to assimilate and organize technological data well. Like I’m meant for it — though I really came to computers pretty late in the game.

In any case, I have a high affinity/tolerance for electronic info. I discovered it early on when I first started clunking around at the UCLA computer lab. It’s not like I’m a computer whiz. I’m not. But I naturally mesh with file systems and electronic organization and data on-screen. I rarely lose e-mails in the shuffle. Because I read them and categorize the important ones in my head and answer them later. I know there are computer based tools for that, but I don’t use them. I should.

All I can say right now is — Too much! TILT. Unable to compute.

Okay, Matrix. You win. Guess I should set boundaries.