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brenda novak auction

The Brenda Novak online auction for diabetes is well underway and I have to confess, I’ve been checking in a couple times a day. I have a couple of bids going and just know that someone is going to sneak in and outbid me. *evil eye*

As I was browsing the auction list, the number of lunches and meetings with authors made me pause. For the longest time, I was afraid to meet my favorite authors because writing just seemed like such an ethereal, mystic thing. I didn’t want to meet the person behind it. What if Ray Bradbury didn’t measure up to the pedestal I’d put him on?

I’ve since had a change of opinion. Especially after joining RWA and seeing that writers are people, and usually interesting people at that.

Still, the thought of auctioning off a lunch or a meeting as an author is just plain mortifying! I don’t know if I could do it. This is a lot more time than a quick chat at a signing or bumping into an author you admire at conference. And then what if no one bids on me? And what if someone bids on me and they’re sorely disappointed when they actually meet me?

Even worse…what if the person who wins your time is a stalking superfan? Okay, it might be cool to realize you have a superfan, but the stalking wouldn’t be cool. Or you meet this person, sit down for lunch, and you’re out of conversation in two minutes? This could be the blind date from hell!

That being said, I’m bidding on lunch with Jamie Ford, author of Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I have to get to Seattle to collect on it if I win, but he seems like an interesting bloke to meet. I’d be interested in seeing Seattle Chinatown, which I hear is smaller than Boston Chinatown. And I’d love to see the Panama Hotel which is central to his story. Hey, and I’ve read his book…so at least we have the first two minutes covered, right?

To any Jamie Ford fans out there, don’t even think about outbidding me. *evil eye*

Have you met your favorite authors? Was it weird or wonderful? Who on your bookshelf would you just love to have lunch with?

brenda_novak_basketThe Brenda Novak auction is continuing for the month of May. I’m offering a critique and a Gooey Butter cake as part of the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood basket which is already seeing some good action.

Come bid! You can also browse a whole list of wonderful items for readers, writers, and everyone. The auction closes May 31st.

P.S. Double check the amount before you hit OK. There was an embarrassing incident this weekend where I ended up bidding more than my yearly salary on an item…ahem….that got fixed real quick.