To Serve Readers…

It’s a cookbook! It’s a cookbook!

Ok, so I couldn’t resist. But look–the talented and fun-loving Ruby Sisters have put together a free ebook with recipes and excerpts from our books. There are main dishes, cocktails, even a sample menu from a 1890s dinner party. We have recipes from literally all over the world.

I contributed with a bit of Chinese street food – sticky rice and sausage wrapped in banana leaves from the evening theater scene in My Fair Concubine. A bit of trivia: the food in that scene was inspired by the dim sum challenge in Top Chef All-stars where the chefs got worked over by the Chinese dim sum crowd, but Dale Talde came out on top with a sticky rice in banana leaf dish.

Ah…inspiration from reality TV.

Get the book. It’s for FREE!  Smashwords | Amazon | KOBO | coming soon to other retailers