All About Romance 15th Annual Reader Poll

All About Romance (AAR) – major review site and reader forum – is currently running their reader poll for noteworthy romances for 2010. Poll closes on February 6th.  I’m trying to think of my nominations right now!

I do feel a little weird voting for my own work, so I won’t do it. Maybe someone else might see fit… *cough* Kick-ass heroine *cough* Ai Li’s a pretty tough cookie. Mei Lin’s not so bad either. I mean, for a couple of gals who have no magical or paranormal powers.

Is it unfair to lobby so shamelessly? Naughty me.

All About Romance 15th Annual Reader Poll

Categories: (I don’t believe you have to nominate for all of them.)

  • Best Romance
  • Favorite Funny Romance
  • Favorite Tear Jerker
  • Most Luscious Love Story
  • Best Erotia/Romantica Romance
  • Most Tortured Hero
  • Best Kick-Ass Heroine
  • Best Romance Hero
  • Best Romance Couple
  • 2010’s Best Debuting Author
  • Guiltiest Pleasure Romance
  • Best Historical Romance set in the UK
  • Best Historical Romance set outside the UK
  • Best Contemporary Romance
  • Best Series/Category Book
  • Best Romantic Suspense
  • Best Paranormal Romance
  • Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction
  • Best Romance Short Story