Guide to Style: Shopping for Conference

shopping_bagsI’m supposed to go shopping today for the RWA conference along with some chaptermates. I find conference very intimidating. First of all, I have to shop for it. That means I don’t have closets full of fabulous outfits to choose from and that makes me feel like I’m already behind the 8 ball.

It’s really daunting to be surrounded by savvy, stylish, beautiful women. And I don’t care what people say about “just be comfortable”. This is a professional, social setting. You wouldn’t go to an interview dressed inappropriately. Plus since I’m up for an award so I have to get a killer dress. It’s like the Academy Awards for romance. People have been talking about their dresses for months! *gulp*

My sense of style can pretty much be summed up in one sentence — “Black goes with everything?” Yes, the question mark is included deliberately.

Is it bad that I’m resorting to Tim Gunn’s 10 Essentials for my shopping list?  Here’s what I’m looking for today:

  1. Basic Black Dress – Need a new one. I wore all my LBDs at last year’s conference.
  2. Trench Coat – Going to pass. This is a summertime event.
  3. Dress Pants – Check! Although the ones I have are a little snug.
  4. Classic Shirt – Need a tailored white shirt
  5. Jeans – Need to get some in time to have them altered for my short legs
  6. Any Occasion Top – Something fun. MUST HAVE COLOR.
  7. Skirt – Check! One of the few things I have covered.
  8. Day Dress – Check! I’ve got several fun ones.
  9. Jacket – Need a nice tailored one, preferably not black, with pockets.
  10. Sweatsuit Alternative – Check! Casual skirt and top for me.

And finally something snazzy that might potentially go on stage…ACK!…fingers crossed.