Under pressure

I can hear the song playing in my head…

In school, I would always cram for a test. I’d write papers the night before. The thing is, I’m not a procrastinator. I would do a good amount of work and then stop and lie low until I had to rush at the end. I’m not really a workaholic either, but when I work I like to pile on a lot of pressure.

Finally, several years ago, I figured out why I do this. I do it for the adrenaline rush. Because when the pressure is on and the adrenaline kicks in, all the sudden everything feels easy and you just get it done. It’s like having super powers.  The danger of course is the burn out. When you crash from doing this, you can come down pretty hard.

Well, I guess my polishes weren’t going fast enough because I now have 3 full requests kicking me into gear. I didn’t expect things to go down so fast, but I should have known they could.

I’m writing as if my life depended on it now.  So, no more blogging until this manuscript is shining and sent out.

How do you handle pressure? Does it help or hurt?