The Date is Nigh!

A funny thing happened at the local Schnucks grocery store. For the first time, hubby wanted to go down the book aisle. I wondered why, since I usually wander over there while he’s picking up cookies or what not. Turns out he wanted to check out the shelves.

“Is your book going to be here?” he asked, scanning up and down.

*beams* “Yes. They carry Harlequin Historical.” I pointed to one of the September releases. “That’s my line.”

“So you’ll be in all the Schucks stores?” (I like to think there was a hint of pride there.)

“Not all, but some.”

Next Tuesday is the official “drop date” in bookstores. It thought it was so sweet that hubby was already looking.

More advance reviews came in this week for Butterfly Swords as well as reviews for The Taming of Mei Lin which was released Sept. 1. I have yet to update the Books section and grab pull out quotes, but I do wish to acknowledge the many book bloggers and reviewers who have taken the time to read and review.

The Taming of Mei Lin

4 star review in Romantic Times – review by Dawn Crowne

Review at The Ron Empress by Victoria Dixon

Butterfly Swords

9 1/2 stars out of 10 from The Season and Top Pick – review by Miranda

Review by Jackie Barbosa – Author of Behind the Red  Door

B- Review by Katie Babs on Babbling about Books, and More

Review by Sela Carsen – Author of Carolina Wolf

5 out of 5 rating at My Book Addition – Review by April Renn

4 out of 5 stars by Gail Dayton – Author of the Blood Rose trilogy

And of course, all the reviewers on Goodreads.

Love it or hate it, I do appreciate that reviewers are taking the time to review the book. One last little brag–Butterfly Swords is currently the #1 requested galley for HQN on NetGalley. Of course, it was only because they took off some of the earlier popular galleys from previous months, but it’s kind of nice to be requested.

Butterfly Swords is up on NetGalley


Which means people are reading it. *swoons*

Actually, it’s pretty darn cool. I didn’t know much about NetGalley before, but apparently it’s the best thing since sliced bread for reviewers. It allows reviewers, librarians, journalists and other professional readers to request digital galleys directly from the publisher.

Butterfly Swords on NetGalley

50 more days! Let it begin, let it begin….!