Tudor Vampires: Kiss of the Rose out today

The cool thing about hanging with writers is sometimes you hear a concept when it’s barely more than a twinkle in someone’s eye. From the first moment I learned about Kate Pearce’s Tudor Vampires, I was hooked. It wasn’t a surprise at all when a publisher snatched it up — especially considering that Kate already had a strong historical romance fan base from her “Simply” series, which I’ve also followed.

I’ve always been intrigued by the stories of the wives of Henry VIII. Most particularly, the Tower of London ghost stories about the ones who were executed there. There’s enough passion, mystery, and yes, a bit of gore and horror, to keep anyone morbidly fascinated. So when I heard of Kate’s paranormal twist on the tale, I had one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

katepearceBefore I go more into the Kiss of the Rose, I wanted to take the opportunity to say that Kate is one of those authors I aspire to emulate. She’s open, genuine, and friendly. Earnest about her craft and is successful simply because she keeps on writing the best book she can over and over. The rest seems to come naturally.

Kate gave me the best advice I heard at RWA conference this year. Since I’ve achieved PAN status (Published Author Network), I attended the PAN only workshops which were geared toward the business side of publishing. “It can drive you crazy,” Kate said, referring to the stream of depressing market news about lower sales and uncertainty in the wake of digital publishing. But she imparted her wisdom to me, “Just be nice to everyone.”

I think that’s the key and finally — advice that’s easy to follow. I’m going out at lunchtime to buy Kiss of the Rose, the first book in the Tudor Vampire chronicles which releases officially today. Kate Pearce never lets me down when it comes to compelling characters and fluid storytelling and I’m excited to see where she takes the story in her first historical paranormal.

The Tudor Vampire Chronicles: Kiss of the Rose


First in a sexy new series that takes a bite out of the court of King Henry VIII

Desperate to defeat King Richard III and gain the English crown, Henry Tudor made a pact with the Druids that bound him and his heirs to the Druid’s deadly struggle against the Vampires. Ever since, the Llewellyns, an ancient Vampire slaying family, have been in the permanent employ of the monarchy.

Now Henry VIII is on the throne, and his father’s bargain has almost been forgotten. Until corpses drained of blood start turning up in the most inappropriate of places, including the king’s bedchamber. But are these people the victims of the Vampires-or of the Druids?

To save the king from a nameless assassin, Rosalind Llewellyn, Vampire hunter extraordinaire, must form an uneasy alliance with a known Druid slayer. Sir Christopher Ellis hails from a family that has protected the Vampires for centuries, yet Rosalind has no choice but to rely on his help. And with her life threatened and her loyalty tested, Rosalind may even have to acknowledge the unthinkable. This sworn enemy may be her soul mate.


Excerpt Monday: Huo Long and the White Snake

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I had told myself I’d abstain from Excerpt Monday since it was so close to conference, but old habits die hard! For this month, I’m posting a rough draft of a snippet from a historical paranormal series which I’m calling The Soul Stealers. The Sorcerer’s Daughter is Book 1. This would be part of Book 4: The White Snake Demoness.

I’m not sure if this scene will make the final cut. I’m working on putting the ideas together.


Huo Long only caught a glimpse of the two women as they left the inn that morning. The young girl held a bamboo parasol over her mistress’ face to shield her from the sunlight. Even shielded in that way, it was the mistress that held his attention.

She wore white, pure white as if in mourning. But the silk of her gown flowed about her, wholly unlike the coarse drape of sackcloth. They walked across the courtyard and every eye followed them. Two women, unescorted and alone. That was strange enough.

He was still thinking of the women much later that morning after they left. A group of men gathered in the alley beside the inn to confer in hushed tones. Huo Long leaned close to the wall of the tea room. Their voices drifted through the open patio.

“Who was she?” they asked. And, “Where was she going?”

It was more than curiosity that had these men brewing. The lady traveled with a satchel of riches, they said. Gold and precious jade. She must have been a wealthy widow, relocating after her husband’s death.

His stomach knotted with disgust. It was too easy to find ill-will and foul spirit in this world. He didn’t need to look to demonkind for such evil. Men were too willing to turn their own weaknesses on each other.

He tossed several copper coins onto the table and took to the bustling morning streets of Hangzhou. The gang had scattered throughout the crowd. Huo Long was able to identify one man here, another figure there as he wove through the foot traffic. He tracked the men through the market until they disappeared into the wooded park surrounding the West Lake.

The two woman were likely expecting a peaceful morning, visiting the pagodas and bridges of the lake. Huo Long moved his hand near his sword as he stepped into the shade of the park. The trees pushed back the clamor of the city and the area grew still and quiet. Dense grass muted his footsteps. He listened for voices through the thicket.

To his surprise, there was no sound, no movement as he wandered deeper. He emerged at the shore of the lake and saw the woman in white. She stood serene and graceful, with the sunlight glittering over the water behind her. Her attendant was nowhere to be seen.

He came closer and was about to inquire if she was alright. Then he saw the bodies strewn around them. They lay lifeless in the grass, unmarked A trickle of blood ran from one man’s mouth. Huo Long had been trailing them by less than twenty paces.

A green snake slithered by his foot in the grass and he jumped backward, but the lady in white remained still as the creature undulated toward her. She smiled brightly, the beauty of the smile grotesque given the circumstances. His heart pumped faster with an emotion he couldn’t place.

“Oh, he’s come to rescue us. How heroic!” Her eyes glowed like polished jade. “And handsome too.”

The grass at his feet came alive with snakes, writhing one atop another, moving en masse toward the woman in white.


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