International House of Jeannie

Or pancakes?

Actually, now I want pancakes. Or rather, I’d like to have the luxury of breakfasting on pancakes rather than coffee and whatever leftovers are in the fridge from the night before. Yes, it’s crunch time on the current book and I held myself off from blogging until I hit “THE END” on the ugly draft.

So instead of celebrating with pancakes, I’m celebrating with news of some international releases. I was informed of these releases by fellow authors because I’m clueless and most of my internet time is currently spent hunting desperately for teething toys that the twinsies can keep in their little maws.

By the way, so far the front runner is Sophie the teething giraffe:

Butterfly Swords in Greek

Google tells me the translation is “The Swords of the Butterfly”. Petalouda (Πεταλούδας) means butterfly in Greek. Neat, huh?

Available from Harlequin Greece

Butterfly Sword in Italian – Rosa d’Oriente

I was a little bit confused at first, but I mucked through the blurb (without the benefit of Google translate, mind you!) and it appears that this is actually a translation of Butterfly Swords with the cover from The Dragon and the Pearl. I suppose Ai Li hardly looked like a “Rose of the Orient” brandishing her sword.

And yes, I did cringe a bit at the exoticism of the title, but am still very happy and proud that the story is available to more readers in another language.

Available from Harlequin Monadori (Italy)

And of course the Spanish language versions:

Available from Harlequin Iberica (Spain)
as well as other vendors such as Amazon: El vuelo de las mariposas &   El dragón y la perla

Just a few, but pretty nifty. Now if my books were ever translated into Chinese or Japanese or Thai or even….OMG, Vietnamese, I think I’d have to do an interpretive dance of joy.

Link Round-Up

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And some unexpected mentions for previous works.

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