First Draft for Human Consumption

Ooh, I noticed a lot of people visiting yesterday, but only a few comments on my interview with Jennifer Haymore. Don’t be shy! The drawing is this Friday for an autographed copy of A Hint of Wicked, her NY debut. Go here to comment.

I’m supposed to finish my first human consumable draft of Silk and Seduction today and print it out to mail to Little Sis. “Human consumable” means it’s barely fit to be read and I’ve taken out the <put argument scene here> type notes. From my experience, I know that it’s corny and repetitive and there’s just big gaps that don’t work right now, but no one but Little Sis can fix it!

I don’t know what I’d do without her. It takes a special talent to critique an entire manuscript for structure and flow and proper build-up. I’d pay her if she wasn’t family — I suppose I’ll pay her by organizing her bridal shower. 🙂