Happy New Year!

The Year of the Dragon is upon us. My twins were originally due to be dragons, but they were impatient to see the world so I was blessed with two little kittens–like their mother.

Daniel & Mae Linh have graduated from their isolettes into cribs and are nearly the size of full term babies now. My only plan for New Year’s day is to gift them with their first red envelopes along with their first set of blessings. As my Mum always told me: Grow fast and do well in school.

It’ll be a little while before they start school, but it’s good to set expectations early, right?


In our family, it’s tradition that my Mum reads everyone their horoscope on New Year’s. She’s not an expert or anything, she just reads it from the newspaper. Now, not that I put too much stake in astrology, but if you’re going to go by horoscopes, I love that Chinese astrology actually has bad forecasts. It’s not all flowers and candy in this zodiac.

I’m a Cat (Rabbit if you go by Chinese vs. Vietnamese) and my element is water. I think this means I’m supposed to have a good year according to this site. I think I’ll just call up Mum and get my fortune read the “old fashioned” way.


On the dragon news front, The Dragon and the Pearl is being released in Spanish. I love how the title sounds: El dragón y la perla.

As they say in the Kahlua commercials, everything sounds more exciting in Spanish. I’ll be walking around all day saying, “ El dragón…”