Cover Cravings – Asian media

Coincidentally, I saw this link about Asian Covers the day after my cover was released. The blogger makes a comment that many of the Asian faces are occluded or cropped or not shown as full body.

I wouldn’t quite agree while looking at these covers, though these were supposed to be the ones that the author identified with. I know, however, that this has been an issue with books with ethnic characters.

I’m happy to say, no one can look at Butterfly Swords and not think it’s set in China. Now is it stereotypical because there’s a sword on the cover? Maybe.

I prefer the “prototype” to “stereotype”. 🙂

Story on a page blog – Asian Covers

The highly anticipated cover


Highly anticipated by me, of course. I just received a scan of the cover flat this morning. Apparently, the Harlequin art department worked quite hard putting it together and I’m very grateful. The cover stands out from across the room!

But the part that made me most weepy…yes, okay. I did sniffle a little…The part that made me most verklempt was the little inscription along the spine that says “Tang Dynasty – China”. I’ve read so many Harlequin Historicals and I’ve seen different categories along there. “Regency – England” “Medieval – Scotland” “Western – America”

And here it is. My little book, the new kid on the playground!