My nefarious plan

Okay, not that nefarious. I had reached the point where I thought no agent would ever take a chance on my book so I started entering a slew of contests to try to get in front of editors.

I just saw on the ChapterLink loop that Butterfly Swords finaled in the Chicago-North RWA’s Fire & Ice contest. I entered in four chapter contests this year and finaled in three, one of them being a double final. Fire and Ice is the last one I entered so no more of these little highs. My contest days may be done. Oh no, scary thought!

Would my nefarious plan have worked out? I’ll never know.

Contest final: Butterfly Swords finals in the Sheila

Got a call this weekend that Butterfly Swords finaled in the VFRW Sheila contest! As an extra bonus, the coordinator told me that the judges scored it so highly that she had to take a look and was quite excited.

The entry goes to the final judge in a couple of days. I’m happy and as always, continue to hope…